Buskaid – A Musical Miracle

The Princeton Symphony Orchestra (PSO) is proud to present South Africa's renowned Buskaid Soweto String Ensemble in an on-demand series curated from their most memorable concert moments of the last five years. Experience the virtuosity and vibrancy of this extraordinary ensemble through performances of classical, pop, and uniquely South African music.

PSO Executive Director Marc Uys grew up in South Africa where he began his career as a violinist and first became familiar with Buskaid. The PSO has been developing a relationship with the organization ever since a group of trustees, including composer Julian Grant, visited the Buskaid School in Soweto in 2019. Julian Grant's 2014 composition Sancho's Dance Mix, commissioned for Buskaid, is included on the first concert in the current series.

Buskaid link to websiteBuskaid is an organization which offers high quality string teaching to less privileged children and young people in the township of Soweto, South Africa. In 23 years it has produced a world-class Ensemble, which has undertaken 26 highly successful international tours. Buskaid also runs an inhouse teacher-training scheme, and currently employs twelve Ensemble members as Assistant and Trainee teachers. Buskaid offers a safe haven to the 120 children currently attending its Music School, many of whom battle with difficult personal circumstances. Studying and playing music improves their self-esteem – and for some, provides a welcome path to skilled employment.   

Find out more at buskaid.org.za (opens new window). 

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Melvyn Tan, piano, with Buskaid Ensemble

Brilliant Baroque to Cool Kwela!

Rosemary Nalden, Music Director
Melvyn Tan, piano
Tiisetso Mashishi, viola

January 29-31
Virtual Concert - On Demand

This first concert features performances with guest artist Melvyn Tan, Buskaid-trained violist Tiisetso Mashishi, popular vocals, and unforgettable kwela – a South African style of music based on jazzy undertones and derived from the marabi sound.

Mathapelo Matabane, vocalist

Soulful and Scintillating Solos

Rosemary Nalden, Music Director
Melvyn Tan, piano
Mzwandile Twala, violin
Mathapelo Matabane, vocals

February 26-28
Virtual Concert - On Demand

Guest artist Melvyn Tan and multiple Buskaid-trained soloists including violinist Mzwandile Twala and vocalist Mathapelo Matabane (pictured) perform a range of delightful works showcasing their virtuosity. 

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