b'Program NotescontinuedAstor Piazzolla(1921-1992)Libertangoarr. Alexander BoldachevComposed 1974Libertango is one of Argentine composer Astor Piazzollas most famous and beloved works. With its energetic, driving ostinato rhythm and soaring melody, it is a tango that has spun off the dance floor and into the concert hall. A child prodigy on the bandoneon, Piazzolla performed as a young man with Anbal Troilo in one of the the great Orquesta Tpicas of the golden age of tango in Buenos Aires. Piazzollas musical interests extended far beyond tango, leading him to study composition with Alberto Ginastera and eventually winning him a scholarship to study with Nadia Boulanger in Paris. Boulanger encouraged him to focus on tango in his composing, and he went on to revolutionize the genre, incorporating aspects of jazz and modern classical composition to create tango nuevo. Piazzolla recorded Libertango in Milan in 1974, and the title reflects his intention to liberate tango music from its traditional restraints. In contrast to the traditional tango orchestras, Piazzolas ensembles often had no vocalist and included new instruments such as the electric guitar and drum set. InstrumentationSolo harpDuration4continued.princetonsymphony.org/ 15'