b'Program NotescontinuedAlexander Boldachev (b. 1990)Dei sub numine viget (Under Gods Power She Flourishes) Improvisation inspired by the motto of Princeton UniversityComposed 2021My schools never had any motto and I think its very important to send people to a big life with the right parting words and philosophy. This is improvisation and transmits my emotions in real-time. Alexander BoldachevInstrumentationSolo harpDuration3Giacomo Puccini (1858 1924)I CrisantemiDedicated to the memory of Amedeo di Savoia, Duca dAostaComposed 1890 The title, I Crisantemi, refers to chrysanthemum flowers, which are the traditional flower of mourning in Italy. Puccini said that he composed the work in a single night in response to the death of his friend Prince Amedeo, Duke of Aosta. From the outset of this elegy, Puccini creates a mood of anguished grief through his choice of the tonality of C-sharp minor. String instruments resonate most freely and openly in major keys such as G and D, so the key of C-sharp minor naturally produces a dark, melancholy sound from the ensemble. I Crisantemi opens with a lone note in the lowest voices, followed by weighty chords that shift in chromatic motion as if moving princetonsymphony.org/ 17'