Fanfare for the Common Man

Video Premiere
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Join us for the video premiere of the Princeton Symphony Orchestra's in-town performance of Aaron Copland's iconic Fanfare for the Common Man

Aaron Copland's seminal fanfare premiered on March 12, 1943, just three-days before the tax deadline (today’s April 15 deadline wasn’t established until 1954). Cleveland Orchestra commissioned the work, and Music Director Eugène Goossens purposely selected the premiere date, to which Copland replied, “I [am] all for honoring the common man at income tax time.” 

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Many thanks to our event sponsors Bryn Mawr Trust, Mara Connolly and Pete Taft, Yvonne Marcuse, John and Karen Ellis, and Mark and Cynthia Larsen. With special thanks to Palmer Square Management, LLC.

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